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Obama’s Betrayal of Israel

My friends at Encounter Books are innovative and informative. Their “broadsides” collection of pamphlets, in the tradition of the Founding Fathers, offers booklet-size position papers that are terrific for understanding our world, especially geopolitics.

Michael A. Ledeen has written Obama’s Betrayal of Israel, and I’d urge you to get a few copies and pass out to friends. I read my copy this morning after hearing about the Egyptian mob that stormed Israel’s embassy in Cairo.

We have Mr. Obama to thank for this. His sycophantic speech in Cairo a few years ago let the radicals know that the White House would stand-down if the Muslim Brotherhood came to power.

Which has now happened.

Only this morning, a statement was issued that Obama is “very concerned” about the situation. What is he concerned about, that Israel will actually keep its embassy in a sea of hostility?

Obama’s claim that American support for Israel is “unbreakable” is either disingenuous or naïve. And I don’t think he’s naïve. As I often tell liberals in the Church, one cannot—at least in the current climate—claim to be “for Israel’s security” while at the same time advocating for a Palestinian state. The Palestinians are thirsting for the liquidation of Israel, so it is illogical that one is both “pro Israel and pro Palestinian.”

Interestingly, as Ledeen points out, “Israelis certainly get the picture. In a recent poll, only 4 percent of Israelis said they thought President Obama’s policies are supportive of Israel.”

You see, the people who actually live in the region, and defend themselves daily against Arab terrorism, understand what the American liberal Church evidently does

via Israel Watch.

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